Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Starting From Scratch

I need to build, desperately.  Taking seven weeks off with no running or exercise at all, as well as completely letting go of my sensible eating and an increase in beer drinking has put me in a pretty familiar position:  the guy who doesn't want to go the gym even though all of his clothes are starting to fit pretty damn tight.  That's me.  That was me 3 years ago when the first silly notion of running even entered into our sphere.  2.75 years later, here I am still discussing the ups and downs of taking time off, fighting injuries, dominated and winning races, and how to be as good as you can be.  I think I've had times where I've been as good as I could have been, namely, the 2011 KC Half Marathon.  Other times, I've taken the easy way out, like not properly icing and stretching my hips plantar fascia like I should.  If I'm going to put myself to be in a position to qualify for the Boston Marathon, I need to focus and refocus like I never have before.  Knowing the goal is one thing, but executing it at the needed level is something I am unfamiliar with.  I'm going to have to learn as I go, and if I don't learn enough this time around, maybe I will next time.

Like I said in the title, I feel like this is a fresh start.  I've got 2137 miles under my belt in nearly 3 years of running, but I think I lost a little portion of it by taking this seven week break right after Des Moines.  I was so pumped and so relieved to be finished with a tough training cycle, that I really let it out.  Lots of beer drenched mornings (after working 3rd shift, remember?), lots of fried foods (had previously gone 8 months with nothing fried), etc, etc.  Needless to say, when the opportunity at work arose to join a Biggest Loser type weight loss competition, I jumped at the chance.  I just couldn't get myself motivated to loss this extra 15-20 pounds (depending on which scale I'm on) and this has helped me figure things out in the past regarding my nutrition, my calorie intake, and my ability to put the nose to the grindstone. 

In the past, I've been able drop pounds early and then plateau later, and I would assume that to be the case this time around, but I'm working harder than ever to push down to 160.  Currently, the scale at work has me at 187.5, while the scale at home has me at 174.  The only one that matters in the scale at work, so I need to look at this like I have ballooned up 25 pounds since August.  The good thing is I've been through this before, and occasionally have lost my way, and a little bit of a jump start usually does the trick to getting me back on track.  I look at it like I've got 10 weeks to jump start into a summer of Hospital Hill and then Marathon training.  It's going to be a rocky start, but there are no excuses this year.  No self-limitations.  Until next time...later.

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